Enable Singapore

Please note: We are currently setting up the www.enablesingapore.com website, but in the meantime please let us continue to tell you more about this exciting initiative!


A photo of Singapore's modern building

Enable Singapore is an initiative built on the passion of local educator Mano Karan and experience of the Enable Development team. The initiative sets out to address the lack of disability awareness education that is much needed in Singapore to compliment the well built infrastructure of a fast growing modern city.

A group photo of the Enable Singapore founding team.
A group photo of the Enable Singapore founding team. From top left: Philipp, Angela, Anjelie and Bee Leng. Below: Huy and Mano

Mano wrote in his blog post “building swanky infrastructure for the rapidly growing ageing population and people with disability is not sufficient to address the problem. According equality and equity to our country men with disability should mean more than infrastructure. We need a change from within, a change of hearts and minds, of attitudes and perception. To put it in a nutshell, the hardware is being provided by the government, but the software, awareness and education needs building up. Attentiveness to people with disability needs to be imparted speedily, and instilled at an early age. Educational institutions are places where these qualities could be inculcated into young Singaporeans. As an educator with years of experience, I could visualize how crucial educating the young of Singapore to be aware of people with disability will be.”

We have recently delivered successful pilot workshops to provide practical disability awareness for Youth Corp Singapore, Engineering Good (formerly Engineers Without Borders) and SG Enable.

For more information please contact: mano@enablesingapore.com.