Disability education should and needs to be fun and interactive

Photo of participants using out Enable Venue Learning Kits
Photo of participants using out Enable Venue Learning Kits. Photo courtesy of Plan Indonesia.

Education should and needs to be interactive and fun, more so, education about disability. There is too much fear and seriousness about disability that it creates barriers for people to learn more about disability – especially with younger adults and children. Every now and then I hear parents tell their kids off for playing with wheelchairs. They tell their kids that “you’ll land up in one” or “do you want to be disabled?”. Not only is it offensive to the wheelchair users, it doesn’t allow kids to play, learn and build a sense of empathy.

Surprisingly, it’s very much the same in our adult years. We’re so ‘moulded’ but what society wants us to think that we easily conclude in our head that this must be the way, because everyone else is doing it. We’ve been very excited about receiving photos like above, where a bunch of adults are on the floor learning/playing with our Enabled Venue Learning Kits to understand about disability and accessibility. See more about our learning kits here.

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